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We are excited to expand our team with Geoff, who will advance our capacity and capabilities in financial and competitive analysis. Our continued investment in the expansion of our services and offerings means we can dig deeper into micro- and macroeconomic data – and deploy…

David views the strategy function as a “living, breathing reality that we have to work within.” The environment today is so dynamic that planning and strategy happen continuously.

“Adaptive reuse” sounds like a dry topic. But as soon as I started digging into it, I found it is emerging as an incredibly dynamic part of the U.S. real estate market. This is relevant in the current economy because a significant inventory of commercial…

We compared five products in the content aggregation market (InfoNgen, Manzama, Meltwater, Nexis Newsdesk, Vable) to help you evaluate and understand the value of current awareness and media monitoring.

We have found in both our own work and talking to clients an increasing emphasis on human intelligence—supported by robust tools. AI shows potential to empower companies to perform efficiently through completing repetitive, simple and less sophisticated tasks. But the more complex tasks require human…

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