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Library as a Service scenario – Reports

December 18, 2013

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Reporting from the Best Sources, Presented for Easy Review

Do you have a need for specific industry information or do you need to better understand your competition? Perhaps you’re researching a specific company in search of new business, seeking trends on jury verdicts, or you need to pinpoint facts on an expert, judge, or attorney?

If you have been faced with any of these questions or questions of a similar nature, our research analysts can provide you with various reports to address these questions and support your client needs. Our current reports include:

  • Attorney – Learn about an attorney’s background, prior experience, and expertise to be prepared in front of that attorney.
  • Company (Public and Private) – Learn about a company’s background, deals, acquisitions, financials, stakeholders, law firm(s) supporting their needs, and other key elements to understand and size up the company.
  • Expert Witness – Quickly evaluate an expert witness’ credibility including testimony, credentials and articles.
  • Financial – Understand a snapshot view of a business, person or entity’s financials to learn more about their performance.
  • Industry – Obtain strategic insight into domestic or global industries to determine opportunities and strengthen your sales strategy.
  • Intellectual Property – Learn about trends with patents, copyrights and/or trademarks belonging to a company, person or entity.
  • Judge – Gain a better understanding of a judge’s past rulings and experience in particular areas of law.
  • Jury Verdict & Settlement – Evaluate verdict & settlement trends and evaluate your case to determine the chance of winning.
  • Law Firm – Quickly evaluate the competition with a profile report of a law firm including key contacts, financials, key clients, news, and much more.
  • Target Market – Identify information and criteria that will help support the identification of new clients and the business goals of your organization.
  • Market Research – Custom research to help you evaluate the top markets, better understand the needs of your market, and identify your firm’s share in its current markets, and more.

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