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Q1 2017 insights from LAC Group companies

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Following is a round-up of topics covered by the experts and leaders across all five business units of LAC Group. (Arranged alphabetically: CCM, LAC Federal, LibGig, LibSource, PRO-TEK Vaults)


CCM EVP Natalya Berdzeni delved into two spend management topics. First, as author of 99 Questions to Stop Spending More Than Your Competitors, she focused on a question about objectives. And in response to the downsizing and decentralization of the library function in law firms, she raised the issue of maverick spend for electronic information resources.

What are your spend management objectives?

Managing vendors to control maverick spend on information resources

LAC Federal

Deputy Director Jocelyn McNamara focused on building awareness about contracting as a career destination for librarians and other knowledge and information service workers.

Your career in federal government contracting


A fascinating look at data visualization from Proposal Manager Jonathan Barney, who presented its history dating back to the Enlightenment and the current needs in modern government.

Data visualization for a more perfect union


In response to the many queries we receive on this topic, Recruiting Director Brad Rogers put together some ideas and guidance on what to do with an MLIS degree.

What to do with your MLIS degree

Brad Rogers

In follow-up to his webinar in February, Senior Research Director John DiGilio offered more insights on the topic of deep web research.

Finding the web content not indexed by search engines

What kind of content is in the deep web – and why librarians make the best deep divers


After LibSource sponsorship of a Thomson Reuters event in London in March, VP Eleanor Windsor of our UK office shared some Knowledge Management considerations for engaging remote workers.

Knowledge Management in a remote work era

Eleanor Windsor
PRO-TEK Vaults

Film Technician / Project Manager Danny Kuchuck shared what can and cannot be saved and restored in aging acetate and nitrate film assets.

What can and cannot be saved in your acetate and nitrate film collections


Writing about the process of motion picture film preservation, VP Tim Knapp explained why film archiving is much more than proper storage.

Preserving historical, artistic and monetary film value requires more than storage

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