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Library as a Service explained

In our 10 best posts from 2015

January 06, 2016

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bookshelves-932780_1920Following are a few posts curated from 2015 that represent some of the many facets of LAC Group’s Library as a Service®, from Competitive Intelligence and other research services to preservation and archiving to library/information center outsourcing.

Competitive Intelligence and Other Research

Skilled research performed by trained professionals with access to the most reliable, current data is a one of the most valuable services we provide to our clients.

Some Research Resources are Too Much

The “Bloomberg Terminal” is a standard fixture in the offices of most companies in the financial sector, yet it’s best suited for financial analysts, not competitive intelligence analysts. Find out why in this post, with perspectives from both a cost and utility point of view. 

Some Research Resources are Too Little

Self-service and technology are the route that some organizations are choosing for research, in order to save money. Yet with information driving so many decisions and good information delivering the competitive edge, it makes sense to know when to bring in skilled research professionals to do the work. 

Unstructured Data Management

Unstructured data—like digital images and documents—are growing as rapidly and exponentially as structured data, presenting different challenges (like rights infringement) and opportunities. The way to glean value here is through sound metadata practices.

Metadata Management

Developing metadata without a solid strategy and process is a bad idea. Learn why in this post, which discusses why technology alone is not the answer to good metadata, and how the right approach or mindset is equally important.

Rights Management

Rights management is an important aspect of unstructured digital data management, and monitoring and obtaining digital rights is a service we offer to enterprise clients. We covered this topic in a couple of posts in 2015.

We point out the fallacies and risks of three common beliefs about copyright infringement.

Staying current on copyright law is an job in itself, especially on a global basis! This post covers the basics of the digital rights exemptions granted by the Library of Congress in 2015.

Law Library

Like all special libraries, the legal library presents unique needs and challenges. LAC Group was founded primarily to serve this important niche, and we strive to innovate and evolve as the practice of law itself continues to evolve.

Enhancing the Value of Law Library Services

Patrick Gleason is a former practicing attorney now Vice President, Corporate and Legal Consulting for LAC’s Chase Cost Management spend management consulting group. He shared his insights in this post after attending the 2015 annual meeting of AALL (American Association of Law Libraries).

The Growing Importance of Competitive Intelligence in Law

Research in law firms is no longer limited to case law, and marketing has progressed long past creating events and fancy PowerPoint decks. Eleanor Windsor, Vice President of Client Engagement for LAC Group’s UK operations published an article for an online community of professional services marketers in Ireland and the UK. Her insights on competitive intelligence are relevant across the globe.

Library Outsourcing and Staffing

LAC Group CEO Deborah Schwarz is recognized as a thought leader and expert in library and information center outsourcing and other staffing/management services.

Library Outsourcing Success Factors

What drivers are behind a law firm’s or company’s decision to outsource their library/information center to a company like LAC Group? And once that decision is made, what are the factors critical to operational success? Find out in this post and also see if your outsourcing beliefs are grounded in truth or perception.

Outsourcing from the Employee Side

From the employee perspective, outsourcing can be a dual-edged sword. This post written by LAC Group HR Manager Greg Galaida discusses some of the employment perks and benefits outsourcing delivers to staff.

Recruiting and Staffing

The jobs picture for 2015 was brighter than it has been in recent years, as the official unemployment rate reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics remained under 6%. Yet many fundamental labor market challenges persist. LAC Group COO Rob Corrao pointed out three staffing trends and realities for 2015 that will likely hold true for 2016 as well.


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