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Leadership in the world of information

Recommended readings by John DiGilio

May 16, 2018

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KM leadership

It’s mid-May and Americans are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend for our own selfish reasons—a day off and the unofficial start of summer.

More importantly, let’s remember the reason for this holiday: To honor those who died while serving our country. We can also express our appreciation for their valor and leadership.

One of the great pioneers in leadership studies, Warren Bennis, was known for saying that the difference between managers and leaders was one of perspective. This collection of recommended readings will be about the leadership difference.

Problem-solving leadership

Ron Friedmann has a gift for taking big, and often complex, thoughts and turning them into pieces that are both practical and often inspiring. He writes,

“The complexity of the modern world makes many problems multifaceted. How many ‘legal problems’ are really business problems with a legal element?”

Ron reminds us that sometimes it truly does take a village, even in the office.

A multidisciplinary future to solve legal problems

Technology leadership

Bob Ambrogi is a leader in monitoring legal technology. Two of his latest updates are on Gavelytics and Casetext.


Legal AI start-up Gavelytics is not even yet a year old, but it has already set the world of legal research on fire. As the company continues to unveil new functionality and features for its flagship analytics platform, it is also preparing for its expansion beyond California court coverage. It has been an auspicious debut, to say the least. Learn more in this review on

Judicial analytics company Gavelytics expands with new rulings database and arbitrator archive


Casetext recently unveiled several new updates, but Bob chose to focus on the one involving artificial intelligence, writing about dramatic enhancements in results. To see exactly what he means by dramatic, check out his review:

Casetext just made legal research a whole lot smarter

KM leadership

Knowledge Management leadership

Few seem to get KM like our colleague Nick Milton, a leader who knows how to take hard lessons and translate them into actionable objectives. He writes about the ways in which you can become a leader by making knowledge management a fixture within your organization.

The 5 ways in which KM becomes embedded

State leaders and laggards in online court access

All methods of court access are not created equal. In fact, the disparity between jurisdictions can be quite stark. As Nicole Downing writes,

“Free online access to state court dockets is incredibly varied, not just by state but also by the courts within a state.”

She shares examples from her home state of North Carolina and asks readers to weigh in with their own experiences as well—please add to the knowledgebase with info on your state.

How does online access to court records in your state compare?

Security leadership

The recent hit to Facebook’s reputation reminds us all that no site is to be considered safe or even concerned with our online security. Progress is being made every day to better protect us and the work that we do, including these updates from a start-up vendor along with two technology leaders.

Two new blockchain applications could be the first blockchain applications to gain widespread use in the legal industry. Both were developed by Integra Ledger, the developers of a blockchain ledger for the legal industry. Bob Ambrogi explains what they offer that the others do not.

Blockchain email encryption and version control to be unveiled

Nicole Black, on Above the Law, covers some interesting email developments from both Google and Microsoft that will be of note for attorneys and law firms. She writes,

“These updates include security features, which are a step toward more secure client communications.”

Since Gmail and Outlook combined essentially own the enterprise email category, it’s important to remain updated on their updates.

New Gmail and Outlook security features will appeal to lawyers

Interested in more?

Drop me a line to tell me what you’d like to learn more about. Meanwhile, peruse other topics and writers on the LAC blog.

John DiGilio

John DiGilio

John DiGilio is a former employee at LAC Group. He has written for numerous regional and national publications as well as taught college and graduate courses in such topics as business ethics, e-commerce, fair employment practices, research methodology and business law.
John DiGilio

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