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“Free” information series: Web indexes

Resources that categorize content on the internet

June 19, 2013

Home Blog “Free” information series: Web indexes

As I continue exploring the digital marketplace and the 80 billion web pages of “free” information available to us today, a proper index of the online databases, references and search engines is an important starting point.

Most of us stumble across new information each and every day, without any real concept of how much information is really available to us. I wanted to provide a high-level snapshot of the free and subscription-based contents, the reference database and “table-of-contents” of our massive and universal online library.

Obviously, this list is a very partial, super-compressed listing that will continue to expand and contract in number. Each of the following eight categories provides a link to the listing, with individual links from the listings to thousands of specific reference databases and engines:

General Directory – thousands of online reference databases:

Academic Databases and Search Engines – hundreds of online academic databases:

Encyclopedias – hundreds of online encyclopedias:

Dictionaries – over thirty online dictionaries:

Digital Library Projects – hundreds of online digital libraries:

Magazines – hundreds of online magazine archives:

Newspapers – thousands of online newspaper archives:

Search Engines – hundreds of search engines

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”

– Tim Berners-Lee

Rob Corrao

Rob Corrao

Rob Corrao is CEO at LAC Group and is responsible for business operations and integration of all company service lines, mergers and acquisitions.
Rob Corrao

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Rob Corrao
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