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Library as a Service Scenario – Expert Witness Reports

December 18, 2013

Home Blog Library as a Service Scenario – Expert Witness Reports
Expert Witness Profiles On Demand for Any Litigation Requirements

We all know that expert witness information can be difficult to find and once found, the question is, “Does the service you are using include all the information you need about your expert?” Is the cost of documents like trial transcripts, depositions, curricula vitae and verdicts or settlements (related to that expert) an additional cost?

If you have been faced with any of these questions or those of a similar nature, our research analysts will provide Expert Witness Profiles that are generated using the LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite.

The Profile Suite for Experts is based on details and documents for over 265,000 experts (including IDEX experts) and provides the following content and more:

  • Depositions
  • Full-text transcripts
  • Curricula vitae/resumes
  • Verdicts/settlements
  • Daubert challenges
  • Cases
  • Journals
  • News articles.

Request a sample report.

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