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Donald Trump and the value of market intelligence

December 02, 2016

Home Blog Donald Trump and the value of market intelligence

These are uncertain times for the U.S. financial and healthcare industries.

Donald Trump has promised significant changes in both sectors when he takes office in January, although what exactly that change will look like remains unknown. During the campaign, he said he would “get rid of” the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms and “immediately” and “completely” repeal the Affordable Care Act. The tone has softened somewhat since winning the election, however, with the President-elect now saying he could “dismantle” parts of Dodd-Frank, while “Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.”

Amid this uncertainty, news organizations are getting a subscription bump as readers clamour for information about the latest developments. The same logic applies to market intelligence. When Dodd-Frank and the ACA were introduced and implemented, ShiftCentral made sure our clients stayed up to date on the latest news and regulatory developments so they could adapt to the new environment. With the future of both laws now in doubt, it will be more important than ever to make sure your decision makers have ongoing access to the most recent and relevant information available.

An experienced team of financial and healthcare analysts can help an organization prepare if and when these reforms are repealed or otherwise altered.

This article was originally published on ShiftCentral, now part of LAC Group.

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault is Chief Business Development Officer and oversees all aspects of LAC Group’s growth strategy, partnership and alliance programs. Prior to LAC’s acquisition of ShiftCentral, Mario served as CEO and continuously evolved the company to emphasize the importance of strategic, curated intelligence to solve clients validated business needs.
Mario Thériault
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