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Day in the life of a business intelligence analyst

August 28, 2014

Home Blog Day in the life of a business intelligence analyst

Steven Medley, Business Intelligence Analyst, LAC Group

Steven Medley is a Business Intelligence Analyst for LAC Group, on assignment at an AmLaw 200 firm based in Los Angeles. Following is how he describes a typical work day:

My day begins checking e-mail and phone messages for issues or requests. I may respond myself or if it’s a “Deep-Dive” project I’ll assign it to the best resource and act as project manager.

I review industry blogs and alerts daily, looking for stories that may impact the firm or its clients, like information related to a practice group, litigation news or changes to firm rankings.


Since I am in the library, I also have responsibility for resource management and reference shifts. Information resources are a big part of a firm’s budget, and firms are increasingly cost-conscious, so it’s important to monitor usage and negotiate the best terms.

I work closely with Marketing and Business Development staff. When the firm is responding to a proposal, I help prepare background information and discover any angle that could give the team a competitive advantage.

Steven finds his work interesting and challenging, with something different every day, and he takes pride in knowing his work contributes to the firm’s success.

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