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Library as a Service scenario – Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence

December 18, 2013

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Get Ahead with Competitor Research and Analysis

What if you could gather intelligence that would help you in determining which competitor firms were practicing in a specific area, alert your organization about competitor actions that hold the potential to attract the same prospects or steal existing clients, or help you advise your leadership in gaining market share in a new market place?

Our research analysts can provide valuable reports with in-depth analyses such as Industry profile, competitor profiles and litigation histories followed by alerts to keep you current on whatever it is you are tracking. Examples of our CI research projects include:

  • Identified, researched and analyzed a law firm’s competitors for specific client’s legal work, market share, or practice area expertise.
  • Completion of a CI matrix for an information services client where products were compared and contrasted against three competing products.
  • Researched and analyzed subject matter of emerging solar energy for an energy client. Delivering a detailed and succinct report with full analyses.
  • Researched, compared and analyzed prospective merger partners for our client.  Presented information gained with an executive summary and a SWOT analysis to the client’s managing partners.

Want to be ahead of the game in a competitive market? Utilize our research expertise for detailed knowledge on your competitors, your markets, your prospects and those industries in which you work.

Download our sample Company Intelligence Profile today!

Library as a Service scenario – Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) is the tool of choice for tracking known and emerging competitors, monitoring risks and vulnerabilities, winning competitive deals and more. Yet many medium-large companies and law firms struggle to:

  • Build and sustain a viable, economical CI function.
  • Realize a return on their investments in CI tools and technologies.
  • Gain that elusive and moving target of the competitive advantage.

When you need ongoing CI management, LAC Group will lead the way to ensure you’re headed toward success and avoiding pitfalls in the process. With a flexible array of service options, you can get the support and resources you need, sooner than you think.

People-led process and proprietary platform

We deliver more than automated data dumps filled with repetitive or tangential information that creates more time-sucking frustration for ultimate users and decision-makers. Our CI briefings and reports are curated and validated to your specifications, drawing on:

Expertise in CI processes, philosophies and best practices.

Experience gathering and synthesizing meaningful competitor information.

Curated, well-written reports, alerts, newsletters, infographics and other formats.

Dedicated analysts that understand your competitive landscape, starting with a discovery phase to define your key intelligence topics and search parameters.

Proprietary CI platform, tagged and archived with your unique taxonomy.

We understand the sweet spot of effective CI — the junction of technology and human judgment and context. From that vantage point, we ensure you have a complete understanding of the competitive forces you’re facing:

Known competitors

New product launches or market entries, marketing campaigns, personnel moves, structural changes, financial reports, media coverage and more.

Emerging competitors

Early warning indicators, emerging technologies and alternative solutions, startups, mergers and acquisitions, threats to incumbents and category leaders.

Industry and market factors

Buying signals and drivers, value chain dynamics, macroeconomic forces, innovation and disruption.

Don’t let complexity or inertia get in the way of running an effective intelligence operation. The foundation of the CI function is built on a handful of essential elements that we can help you implement for more business won and a more defensible market position.

Benefits of CI

Monitor known competitors and identify emerging threats.

Strategies and scenario planning with tools like SWOT and Five Forces.

Gain snapshot view of competitive news, trends and hot topics.

Spark innovative plans to grow and maintain market share.