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How to make recruiters fall in love with you

February 27, 2015

Home Blog How to make recruiters fall in love with you

The recruiting life is not easy. Methodically scrolling through resumes, answering phone calls from people who think an hour-long conversation is acceptable, dealing with angry or disappointed or unappreciative job applicants—sometimes all three—is the daily routine. Knowing the recruiter’s regular challenges and not adding to them is the best way for recruiters to not only remember you, but also fall in love with you.

These three tips will help you land on a recruiter’s good side.

Keep your resume simple and neat

The maajority of the time, your resume is the recruiter’s first interaction with you. Due to this, try your best to keep recruiters intrigued instead of deterring them. The best way to do this is to keep your resume clean, well-formatted, and orderly.

Pay attention to the process

Recruiters try their best to make the entire application process as easy and smooth as possible for applicants. From the job description, to the follow-up emails, recruiters try to answer every question you have before you ask it. If you have a question that was not answered, recruiters would not have a problem answering it. However, if you ask a question that was already answered in the job description or emails, not only does it make you look bad, but it also causes the recruiter to question your attention to detail. Therefore, read everything involved with the entire application process first, before asking questions.

A little kindness goes a long way

When a special email or phone call comes through with a “Thank You” in the subject line—who doesn’t appreciate a little appreciation? Small gestures of courtesy and kindness will definitely get noticed and be remembered by most recruiters. So the next time you notice that you haven’t received a follow-up email from your recruiter, start off with a simple “Thank You”, for that small act of compassion will go a long way.

Follow these tips and you are on your way to starting a professional relationship with your recruiter.

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