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The topics that got your attention

Best of LAC Group’s blog in 2019

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We’re jumping on the end-of-the-year bandwagon to compile a list of our most popular blog articles in 2019, in case you missed them. As a bonus, we’ll include our thoughts on why the topic attracted so much attention.

ROSS / Fastcase announcement

The interest in this topic is no surprise:

  • Newsworthiness and curiosity about the alliance between these two companies.
  • High interest in the role of artificial intelligence in the legal industry.
  • High interest in niche information platforms, including alternatives or complements to LexisNexis and Westlaw.
  • Exclusive interview with ROSS CEO Andrew Arruda, who was generous in giving his time to share his perspective on machine learning, natural language processing, pricing transparency and more.

Exploring the ROSS / Fastcase partnership

In the beginning report

Going from two to over 42 electronic information platforms

We updated our report, In the beginning, there were two, which shares trends, vendor updates and vendor options for paid information service subscriptions. The world of research has come a long way since Lexis and Westlaw were first introduced, which is why the report and this article describing what’s new are both doing well.

New options for electronic information resources

Legal librarian survey

People are interested in hearing the results of surveys, even small samples. We wonder how we can get you as excited about taking a survey? For this article, we polled legal librarians from within LAC Group as well as people in legal librarianship and research at law firms, law schools, federal agencies and other settings. 

In addition, the survey was about the librarian’s link in the legal knowledge management chain, reflecting notable changes to the library profession in the 21st century along with predictions for the future.

Librarian link in legal knowledge supply chain

2019 Web Almanac for webmasters and content managers

We’re happy to see this article at the top of the list since it’s a valuable resource—one that includes small but not insignificant contributions from LAC Group. We think it reached the top because our audience of LIS professionals have become actively and deeply involved in website performance, and we’re reaching a growing number of marketing professionals because of our market and competitive intelligence services.

2019 Web Almanac

Affordable and free online legal research services

Keeping legal research expenses as low as possible, without hurting effectiveness or quality, remains as important now as it was when we first published this article in 2014. It was updated in 2019 to reflect changes within that five-year span. Anyway, free and affordable are big draws for all of us—need we say more? 

Affordable and free online legal research tools

The many flavors of intelligence


A word that may epitomize the business and legal worlds at the end of the 2010s is intelligence. (That and its close cousin, data.) It’s why we think our article on BI, CI and MI was a popular read. Not to mention that it’s helpful to anyone who feels they should know the nuances, but don’t and prefer not to ask. 

Fast forward to 2029, it’s likely that people will look back and wonder what all the fuss was over something so ordinary as intelligence and data.

BI vs CI vs MI

Clarifying fair use in copyright law

This topic caught us by surprise, but we think it’s popular because it touches on one of those gray areas of life that we want and need to understand. Digitization and the internet have made publishing, sharing and copyright infringement very easy—it’s good to know when fair use goes too far.

When fair use becomes copyright infringement

Because attention spans are getting short

We already mentioned that intelligence and data are hot topics, which places data visualization as a related top of interest now basking in the light and glory. Information overload is real and attention spans are short, making data visualization an area of high interest. Plus, did somebody say best tools and resources?

Best data visualization tools and resources

See you in 2020

In case you missed any of these popular articles, we’re happy to compile them for you here and we invite you to tell us about the topics we should cover. 2020 is right around the corner!

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