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AALL 2019 and ILTACON 2019

Where Ron Friedmann is speaking this summer

July 09, 2019

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Find Ron at AALL ILTA

Ron Friedmann, LAC Group Chief Knowledge and Information Officer, brings more than two decades of legal sector experience to the table. This summer he’ll be sharing his expertise at two industry events for legal technologists and decision makers looking to leverage modern solutions to age-old legal information management challenges:

  • A discussion panel at AALL 2019
  • An innovation workshop at ILTACon 2019

Here’s what you can expect from speaking to Ron at these events:

Building a future-proof legal information library—AALL 2019

The annual meeting and conference organized by the AALL (American Association of Legal Libraries) will be held in Washington, DC between July 13 and 16. Ron will be joining Darin Fox from the University of Oklahoma Law Library and Marlene Gebauer from Greenberg Traurig LLP on the discussion panel on Sunday, July 14 to talk about sustainable innovation initiatives in the law industry.

According to a recent study by Bloomberg Law on the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal sector, over half of respondents said they weren’t yet using AI and machine learning to further their technology strategies. Respondents cited a lack of funding, a shortage of necessary skills and time constraints as the biggest blockers of innovation.

During the discussion, Ron and his fellow panelists will be talking about how law firms and departments can leverage new and emerging technologies to add value to their organizations without increasing risk. The discussion will explore the various market opportunities and imperatives to help legal technologists identify more efficient ways to manage constantly expanding data sets and deliver greater value to their clients.

ILTA 2019: New opportunities in the evolving legal sector

This year’s ILTACON, organized by the International Legal Technology Association, takes place in Orlando, FL between August 18 and 22. The networking event brings together legal technologists to discover and evolve operational strategies in a sector that faces constant disruption. 

Staff and decision makers in the legal market face a barrage of innovation hype. Getting past the claims to solve real problems is another matter, and it presents a major challenge to those wanting to advance their legal innovation initiatives, making Ron’s workshop even more valuable. His interactive Innovative Thinking Workshop on August 20 will focus on “practical innovation” and how organizations can better develop and vet ideas, and then move from idea to execution. Workshop participants will share and build upon their approaches to innovation, helping them add value to their law firms and legal departments.

Ron attending AALL ILTA

Digital transformation of law

How can big data be managed and used more effectively? How can legal practitioners leverage competitive intelligence to boost adaptability? These are some of the questions arising from this era of digital transformation. Clients are demanding greater efficiency and law firms are looking for ways to improve and become more adaptable. The ideas presented by Ron Friedmann and all the event speakers are sure to make AALL and ILTACON 2019 a valuable learning and collaboration experience.

Learn more about Ron

Ron Friedmann has seen the transition from information scarcity to overabundance. His role at LAC Group helps clients bring order to the data chaos to help clients more effectively manage their digital assets and add value to their organizations. 

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