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3 ways to prep for a job interview

May 30, 2014

Home Blog 3 ways to prep for a job interview


Preparing for an interview builds confidence and helps to deliver better results. It takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Be Presentable – Familiarize yourself with the culture and the type of company you are interviewing for and dress accordingly. For example, if you’re interviewing with a law firm, you’ll want to stay a bit conservative (shirt and tie or business suit) — for a fashion company, go for more of a colorful and stylish approach. Interview attire is matter of choice, but there are certainly some preferences that vary by industry. No matter your attire, the key is to always be polished and have a sophisticated look.
  2. Research – Studying the company and doing thorough research will leave you well prepped for the interview. Knowing what the company does, their objective and/or mission statement, how many employees/offices they have etc., will demonstrate to the interviewer your level of interest and competency in both the role and company.
  3. Rehearse – The most common question an interviewer will ask is “Tell me about yourself.” Thinking through and practicing your responses to common interview questions in advance, will help you articulate your answers more confidently and comprehensively during the actual interview. Rehearsing for a job interview will undoubtedly result in a better interview. Practice makes perfect!

Remember to be presentable, make sure you’ve done your research, and rehearse. Taking these 3 steps will assure that you’re well prepped for your interview. Stay calm, relax the nerves and you’ll be one step closer to a new job.

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