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3 places to look during your job search

March 28, 2014

Home Blog 3 places to look during your job search


Feeling at a dead end with your job search? If so, it might be time to broaden the scope of your search. Here are three simple ways you can take an alternative approach to your job hunt.

1. Walk-In – Rather than let a mouse and keyboard lead the charge in your job search (like many applicants often do), be proactive! In addition to applying online, hand deliver your resume or application. Attaching a face and personal experience along with a resume/application can go a long way with a potential employer. It can be that small interaction that will help you stand out more and get closer to an interview.

2. Professional Organizations – Connect with professionals in your industry. Become a member of a professional organization or actively seek out networking events. Building a rolodex of professional contacts can help you stay up to speed on new job openings, and perhaps get you fast-tracked for an interview.

3. Social Media – Though social media may be an informal way of connecting with others for job openings, it’s a wonderful way to keep up with influential companies and industry professionals. Further, many of these companies often post open positions on their social media channels, through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As you seek to expand your job search, it’s important that you remember to stay positive, persistent, and well prepared—doing so will help you achieve better, faster results in your job search.

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