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12 reasons why you need CI support

Competitive intelligence research support makes good sense

October 21, 2015

Home Blog 12 reasons why you need CI support

Many law firms and corporations choose to keep their competitive intelligence and other marketing and business development research in-house. They believe that nobody knows their business and their competitors like they do, or that it’s too important to hand off to somebody else. Concern over confidentiality is often cited. While the reasoning is valid, the reality is these beliefs limit an organization’s research capacity and ability to leverage information to the max. We’ve addressed and accommodated those concerns with our virtual research support, and we keep it flexible so you don’t have to make it an all-or-nothing decision.

Why choose external CI research services


Finding the right information and making it available in a ‘decision-ready’ format is the end goal for all research. That’s why it pays to have expert researchers helping you with all or some of your CI research.

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