Case study: Benchmarking analysis for MFDs

Equipment cost reductions for growing mid-market company


Multi-functional devices (MFDs) that print, copy, scan and fax to both digital and paper formats are replacing copiers. But all those capabilities can result in hefty unplanned costs and hidden expenses for your business.

Complexities of MFD procurement and maintenance

Your first decision is to buy or lease, with complex leasing options and termination clauses that are difficult – if not impossible – to alter. The next contractual hurdle is the service or maintenance agreement, which can result in serious unexpected cost overages like incremental charges when printing volume fluctuates, hidden fees, penalty charges and automatic renewal clauses.

Keeping a growing company ahead of growing copying/printing expenses

See how a growing mid-market company reduced its MFDs contract spend by 71%, with additional savings on renewal fees, auto renewal obligations and spend overages.

Chase Cost Management performed a comprehensive analysis of the company’s equipment leases and service agreements and led vendor negotiations that included:

Equipment lease and service agreement consolidation

Co-terminus end dates for all leases

Standardization and right-sizing to reduce supplyand maintenance costs

By reviewing workflow for each location, CCM also recommended technology upgrades to accommodate the company’s growth and future needs.

Multi-function means multiple ways to save

CCM will reduce or eliminate unwanted expenses, giving you consistent costs and realized savings, not only on the equipment but the paper and other related products and supplies.