Library as a Service (LaaS)

LaaS: Knowledge and Information Services, On-Demand

  • Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Market Research
  • Research for commercial, legal, media, technical and other requirements, basic or specialized
  • Access when needed to deep subject matter expertise on any topic
  • Customized, curated news alerts for actionable, relevant information
  • Best of breed Integrated Library Systems (ILS)
  • Streamlined management of research and document delivery
  • Greater personnel utilization without increasing full-time headcount

Information Experts Working “In the Cloud”

Calling upon LAC Group’s 27-year pedigree of working with some of the world’s leading library, research and information specialists, our distributed LaaS team responds to client-directed requests using a proprietary, secure, cloud-based platform. This system ensures timely turnaround with no conflicts and guarantees all responses meet LAC Group’s exacting quality standards.

The process is simple:

  • Client submits information request
  • Request is matched and routed to appropriate information specialist
  • Progress is tracked
  • Quality is checked
  • Response is delivered back to client

Customizable Knowledge Services Portal

A second key component of the LaaS platform is the Knowledge Services Portal (KSP):

  • Provisioned either standalone or as gateway to LAC Group’s distributed team to serve as virtual information nexus.
  • One-stop-shopping to both LAC Group-provided tools as well as third party research platforms, document delivery services and internal knowledge-sharing tools.
  • Fully configurable, allowing for optimal utilization and effectiveness.

Flexible Pricing Options

Library as a Service is available for a fixed fee (for convenience and savings for ongoing information needs) or per request, based on complexity and requirements. We are happy to quote pricing for any request, with no obligation.

Strategic Partnerships

In an effort to create a truly turnkey knowledge and information solution, LAC Group is building strategic partnerships to integrate some of the most innovative research, business intelligence and library management tools into Library as a Service.

First Partnership: Manzama

Our first partnership is with Manzama, a leader in “intelligent listening” solutions and foundational partner of LaaS, powering the curated alert service for business and competitive intelligence.  Manzama classifies and ranks thousands of industry blogs, news sites and social media sites in support of an organization’s goals for business development and other strategies.

Ultimately, the portfolio of technologies and tools we bring together through strategic partnerships will allow organizations large and small to take advantage of a broad offering of information resources, coupled with LAC Group’s expertise and experience in research, curation, archiving, knowledge management, spend management and other information-driven services.

For additional information about Library as a Service, please feel free to download the two-sided LaaS At-A-Glance. (pdf format)